We combine
senses with technology
values with chemistry!

An Innovative Business Model

As part of our enthusiasm towards innovation and change, we use advanced technologies to develop flavours.​

Under the leadership of expert flavourists from the international organizations we cooperate, we utilize Gas Chromatography (GC) and Mass Spectrometry (MS) analysis to seperate and identify the components of new flavours that will create advantage for our clients.

And by using our rich raw material library in our R&D Laboratory, we model various alternatives, test their performance in different areas of application, and develop fast and one on one flavours to match the needs of the industry.

Discover flavour alternatives we offer, focused on our
'Quality product - Right price' strategy.

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Process Engineering

Thanks to our systems based on the special ERP programming, we have control over every stage during production.

We follow the Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMP) and we use Just In Time (JIT) management together with the raw materials supplied from the most reliable vendors around the world. This helps us contribute to faster and more flexible solutions while offering maximum shelf life for our flavours.

The Indispensable Quality

In compliance with the ISO 22000 and BRC Food Safety Global Standards, we provide traceability from raw material to final product and vice versa in all our manufacturing process.

Physical, chemical, microbiological and sensory analysis are carried out by our expert staff. Our goal is to internalize our quality approach, therefore we continuously improve our training and information sharing.